Monday, December 24, 2012

#63 Blizzard Store

A sale is going on at the blizzard store until January 1st! Now's the best time to get that pet lover that pet they have been eyeing on the cheap! 

Alludra the Mage here helping you get the pets for your eventual takeover of Azeroth!

It's Winterveil! You may be looking for that perfect gift for that special pet collector. So if you are looking for a special gift for a friend, look no further then the blizzard pet store.  Why? Because they are all half off until January 1st!

The plushy pets an the Cinder Kitten are not included in the sale.

Remember, before you buy one of these cute little guys, head on over to the armory and make sure the recipient doesn't already have the pet you are thinking of gifting. I mean, if you have the tools, why not make sure you are completing their collection? 

Monday, December 17, 2012

#62 Blackwing Lair

More on old raids and new pets! This week we trek into Blackwing Lair, home of many beasties that were, before 5.1, completely unsoloable!

(Image incoming due to stupid low drop rate on *one* pet!)

Alludra the Mage here helping you find all the cool pets!

Let's talk about more raid pets! This time in Blackwing Lair, which is a bit more tricky to solo!

BWL is another raid that requires an attunement. Don't have it? kill mobs outside the BRS portal until they drop the quest giving item 'Blackhand'sCommand' then run upper black rock spire and complete the quest by touching the orb behind the last boss.

I have found that currently you need to do this to zone in. If you try to use the portal to the raid at the end of the instance, you will have to be in a raid group.

Okay we are now what?

The Broodloard Lashlayer, you know that fun boss just after the suppression room, drops the Death Talon Whelpguard.

And finally, Chromaggus drops Chrominius. Make sure you pick up some hourglass sand. Trust me on this.

Razorgore is still tricky, but thanks to Blizzard is now totally soloable. You just have to drop the mind control to kill the mobs. It's time consuming, but you can do it! me on the hourglass sand...yeah...

Monday, December 10, 2012

#61 Molten Core

Pets are in raids now! But don't worry! You can totally solo Molten Core!!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you build your ultimate pet battle team!

So we can get pets in the wild, we can buy pets, and win them as prizes but now pets are found as boss drops! More specifically, raid boss drops!

Don't worry guys, these aren't exactly bleeding edge raids, in fact I'm talking about Molten Core.
There are three pets in the molten core, and sadly they aren't a guaranteed drop! So you might have to pull out those alts, luckily, the place is easily solo able on a level 85.

So who are you looking for? Well you want to start with Magmadar who drops the Corefire Imp, a humanoid pet!

Next I like to drop in on Golemagg the Incinerator, who has the elemental Ashstone Core.

Finally it's over to the Harbinger of Flame who drops another humanoid, Salfurion Harbinger!
   (Edit: I seem to have gotten these two reversed, the Sulfirion Harbringer drops the Harbringer of    
    flame! Totally my mistake, make fun of me at will!) 

If you are worried about mechanics of these fights, Blizzard assures us they have done what they can to make these raids more soloable, and by taking the 'be in a raid' requirement off these guys and letting you skip a fair amount of trash, I'm finding molten core a fun easy jaunt that takes under 30 minutes.

Unless I get lost. ...I tend to get lost a lot...

Unfortunately you still need to get attuned to the raid, so have fun running that last BRD.

Monday, December 3, 2012

#60 Battle Stones

Battlestones! What are they, where do they come from? Why don't I have more yet??


Alludra the Mage here dropping in from the sky to steal that pet!

5.1 has dropped. This patch has been a pet battler's dream with tons of new pets, new quests, and the best part pet battle stones!

These stones come in two types, polished battle stone and flawless. The polished battle stones will upgrade your pet to green quality, while the flawless battle-stones will upgrade your pet to rare quality!

Sounds awesome right? Well there's also the catch that most of these flawless battle stones are family specific, annnd they aren't that easy to find.  You see you can get them in battles if your team takes down pets with higher levels or they can be found in the satchel of goods from battle trainer dailies. Personally I haven't found one yet, but I've got patience.

I do hear that you can 'farm' up the stones you want in wild battles by picking the type of pet you want the stones for by battling them specifically, but as I said, I haven't gotten one myself so I am not sure how this works in action.

What I can say after buying over priced rocks on the AH and turning my gray minfernal into an amazing rare powerhouse is that they are totally worth it for those rare spawn pets whom you just can't seem to find a rare of!

But that still leaves a lot of my pets out in the cold so if you'll excuse me I have a lot more battling to do! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

#59 Snowy Owl

There's a rare owl that only comes out in the winter! How to find this pet before the season is over!

Alludra the mage here, helping you scout for your pet battle team!

Today's pet is the Snowy Owl. This pet has been bugged since the MOP launch! But now it's finally been hotfixed in!

Snowy owl in winterspring. Yes, that's my arm!

This level 17 pet can only be found in Winterspring, as mentioned during the winter, so that means you have six months to go catch one. Why rush? Well so far in my travels around Winterspring, I have only noticed five or so active at a time, and while they don't have any special spawning conditions these guys don't exactly respawn quickly, that means finding a rare quality pet is going to be time consuming, heck! I couldn't even find an uncommon!

I mostly find these guys at the foot of mountains, and so far I haven't found any more information then that about them. Turns out they are so rare, a lot of sites still haven't found their favorite spawn points yet! Remember, at level 17 you aren't going to have an easy time as they have two friends join them in every fight, but with six months of spawn times, I am pretty sure you have the time to get a team up to snuff.

Since he's a member of the family, your beast types might have a hard time with him, while your magic types may hit too hard for capture. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

#58 Order of the cloud serpent

Grinding rep to get pets?? That's sooo last expansion! But the order of the cloud serpent respects the old ways...kinda.

Alludra the mage here telling you where to find the pets!
cuz there are tons of them!

One thing that has been made abundantly clear to me is that rep grinding for pets is soooo last expansion.

So...why didn't anyone let the order of the cloud serpent know?

The order of the cloud serpent is located in the jade forest arboretum. When you hit level 90 they will allow you to do dailies and train up a baby dragon hatchling. This...isn't fun. But at the end when you hit exalted they will also allow you to catch some of the dragon hatchlings flying around the area, they come in red, green, and blue just like your mount options!

Yeah that's right. You get to work your butt off so that you can then work to find the rare dragon hatchlings in the area.

Gee. Thanks.

The jade and the golden wild hatchlings have identical movesets while the Crimson one has healing abilities and scorched earth

And remember guys, these dragons start out at a whopping level 24 so don't go charging in without the appropriate team!

Monday, October 29, 2012

#57 Lost of Lorderon

How to battle for your own Lost of Lorderon pet, his tragic story, and how to exploit him for your own gain!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the all the pets!

Yes. All of them.

One o f my favorite new spooky pets is no further out then the doorstep of the Undercity! Folks, I give you, the Lost of Lorderon

That's right the ruins of Lorderon are just full of these little ghosts, the lost souls, victims of Arthas most likely and his scourge invasion who never quite made it to the half life that is the undead existence.

So let's catch them and battle with them!!

These little guys are level 1 so they are perfect for your starter team to take on if you haven't started battling wild pets yet! Or for all you vets out there, they are a great stepping stone to leveling that alternate team up.

Like all wild pets vary in rarity from poor up to rare! So if you keep finding grays just defeat them for xp! There are also no special spawning conditions for these guys either, day or night they are there, haunting the land!

And remember, since they are undead your humanoid pets will be weak against them, while aquatic pets will do them double damage! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

#56 The Terrible Turnip

Did you see that turnip? He looked terrible! How you can farm up a veggie that will bite back!

Alludra the mage here helping you build your army!

Let's go to the farm!

(The farmer in the dell)

No, not the dell! The Valley of the Four Winds! You can get your farm at Half Hill at level 85, which means that it's a great place to park your alts! Why would you do this potentially fatal (okay almost guaranteed) death run? Why for a pet of course!

Since everyone is farming for cooking dailies and such you can sell your crops for a pretty penny on the auction house, but don't think that's the only reason to farm! When you gather your crops you have a chance to loot the ominous seed.


Ooooh spooky! This seed will grow into the Terrible Turnip! This is a rare quality pet right from the get go! He's an elemental pet too, so that means keep him away from critters! They like to nom him up!

The Terrible Turnip in all his vengeful rage
He's actually pretty good for you!

There's no word on the drop chance of the ominous seed yet, so you are pretty much stuck just trying your luck. Hence the army of alts parked at various farms where they can't even get rep yet. And remember the ominous seed may be bind on pickup, but the pet is bind on use!

Hey if at the end of the day I get a pet, then I am pretty happy! Especially with his weakening blow. More pets need that!

Monday, October 8, 2012

#55 Those vendors

How to trick those vendors into giving you the pets that you want, not by their racial bias! 

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the pets to win the battles! This week we will be talking about special pets only available via the pet trainers.

Turns out the guy who trains you up in pet battles has a lot more to teach you besides how to fight! It also turns out he's just a little bit racist. (And we thought vendors were universal!)

You see, they have  special pets for you, but! They give out different pets based upon your character's race! What is with these guys??

Most of these pets are run of the mill pets you would get from any faction city's pet vendor. There are three  that really stand out:

Worgen get the Gilnean Raven
Goblins - Shore crawler
Pandarien - jade crane chick

The rest are the run of the mill cockroaches, owls, moths, dragon hawk hatchlings, cats, snakes, prairie dogs, and Rabbits you can get elsewhere. Just go to the vendor and learn any pets that you aren't full up on with your various characters of different races. And remember, just because he won't sell them to your toon, doesn't' t mean they are restricted account wide!

Nothing like a Pandaren with a Gilnean raven! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

#54 Fishy

It's a new expansion! How to get the new pet Fishy during your leveling up quests in the Jade forest!

Alludra the Mage here to help you build your pet army!

That's right! pet army! As in, they fight now!


If you are on your quest to level 90 there is one guy who makes an early appearance! Fishy!

It's Fishy! In his amazing land walker bubble!

The alliance can get this pet from the quest Let them burn while the horde get it when completing what's in a name name. Both are part of the central quest chain in the jade forest so you have little chance of missing it.

Fishy is, you guessed it! An aquatic type which means flying types have the edge. Who knew! A heron can beat a fish! But you undead better look out!

If you ask me, this unique pet is a great way to start our new expansion adventures. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

#53 Ancona Chicken

How to get the Ancona Chicken! You only have to be a bit rude about it and take down a crazy mage! As featured on Realm Maintenance!

Alludra the mage here, helping you grab some last minute pets during this the LAST WEEK of expansion waiting.

SO we are still avoiding archeology because you know, ugh. But there are more quick pets to grab quickly and easily! And what's better then hitting up a vendor??

If you have a gold why not head on over to thousand needles? Plucky Johnson will be happy to sell you an Ancona chicken! Just head to the southern part of the old mirage raceway, kill the mad mage and buy from plucky!

You only have to be slightly rude to the poor guy, who begs and pleads for your help by quickly changing the subject to pets! And hey, she should totally open with that one next time!
Remember guys, somehow Chickens are flying types which means you don't want to use him against arcane types.

Which is really hilarious considering the situation. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

#52 Questing pets

This week we discuss pets that you can pick up during questing in old world or with a little work!

Alludra the Mage here helping you beat the pre-expansion doldrums.

Honestly, now is a good time to get those pets that you may have missed out on. Those archaeology pets? well they have been waiting a thousand years, they can wait a bit longer!

Fishing at the Darkmoon fair? Awww, that just ended.

I think the answer to our problem might be questing. The Burning Stepps has a great Tiny Flamefly pet that's available only after you pretty much beat the zone. On the Alliance side you are looking for the quest SEVEN! YUP! On the Horde side the quest is called Not Fireflies, Flameflies. Both are unlockable at some point during the quest chain and are tons of fun.

You can also farm up Mr. Grubbs over in the Eastern Plaguelands. Remember that requires Fiona's lucky charm so you have to do a few quests in and then farm up mobs.

And don't forget all the fun that you can have over in the Argent Tournament.

So if pets are really your goal before the pet battles come out you have tons of stuff to do! Stuff you may have been putting off.

Remember, you could be doing archeology.....yaaaaay....

Monday, September 10, 2012

#51 Darkmoon rabbit

The darkmoon rabbit is here! Find out how to get your own cute little bunny, at the cost of 39 of your closest friends!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#50 Pet battle confusion (And now, for something completely different!)

Alludra wanted to help you find a pet this week but couldn't! Too many questions about the new pet battle system! Luckily she tells you where your pets are and how to get them all on your account in the bit of time she has left!

Thanks to Acuzod, Alachaas, and Thraxxis for interrupting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#49 Dealer Rashaad

This week we take a look at a semi rare pet collector who has the corner on the mana wyrmling market!

Alludra the mage here grabbing the pets while the grabbing is good.

Okay let's round out our burning crusaide experience with a nice long trip out to the storm spire out in Neatherstorm. Why? Because there's a great dealer out there who is a one stop pet shop!

Dealer Rashaad who is located just to the right of the inn sells 8 different pets! That's right, 8 pets! And while he's a bit out of the way, that's nothing compared to how far you would have to travel to get these pets individually.

He's got the blue dragonhawk hatchling, the brown rabbit crate, the mana wyrmling, the red moth egg, cockroach, crimson snake, Siamese cat carrier and the parrot cage. Why buy from this ethereal? Well your consortium rep matters with him! And these semi-but not quite rare pets can become even cheaper, and if you plan on reselling them, every copper counts! And as the goblins say,

(Time is money friend)

Do the ethereals have a similar saying?

The only exception to this rule is the Mana wyrmling, at 40g with no rep he's got the market cornered! It is by far the most expensive pet you will purchase from a vendor.

So anyway you look at it, you are heading out to the stormspire.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#48 Dragonhawk Hatchlings

The various dragonhawk hatchlings and how to get them!

Alludra the mage here, helping you build your army!

Blood elves, the pretty race of the horde have more to offer then their looks. When they joined the ranks of the horde, they also brought dragonhawk hatchlings!

Dragonhawks are available outside Silvermoon city, over in Fairbreeze village and are sold by Jilanne for the low low price of 50 silver you can find her in a house to the left of the inn. She sells three colors, Red, Golden and blue! Like all 'racial pets' rep counts! You can get a faction discount by being exalted with Silvermoon bringing the costs of these pets down to 40 silver.

I know I know, but every copper counts right?

A lot of people think the mana wyrm is the bloodelf pet, but that's the power of consortium propaganda! Remember, they make 40g a pop for each Mana Wyrm sold (ya know, unless you have rep with them! but that's a whole different segment!)

Back to the dragon hawk hatchlings, these are a horde only pet so this time the alliance is goign to have to make the trek to the neutral auction houses! Fair is fair after all.

Monday, August 6, 2012

#47 Moths

Moths, racial pets of the Draenai and everyone's friend!

Alludra the mage here helping you get the pets before they learn to fight

Burning crusade brought us many things such as this guy


and this guy

(Shade of Aran)

Annnd this guy

(Lady Vash)

But what we were all super excited for before we stepped foot through the dark portal was the new races. And like all of Azeroth's races, the Draenei and Blood Elves brought us PETS!

This week we are going to talk about the moths, offerings of the draenai!

The moths come in three colors, white, red and blue. They can be purchased for 50 gold from Sixx the moth keeper who hangs out in the crystal hall inside the Exodar. These moths don't actually do much but they do fly along with your mount and have a great 'dust' effect! And for a price of 50 silver for each one, you are going to be pretty pleased with these three, who can coordinate with almost any outfit!

Sorry hordies, Sixx won't talk to us, but you can find these moths on the neutral auction house, but I have never had a problem finding them on the horde alliance house. Usually for less than 10g. While the alliance simply have to jog on over to the Exodar.

Now to figure out why the Goblins and Worgons are holding out on us. Everyone else brought pets, why couldn't they??

Monday, July 30, 2012

#46 Pets in the Beta

Alludra discusses pets in the Mysts of Pandaria beta and has a quick rundown of the battle system.

Alludra the mage here, crazy pet lady of World of Warcraft!

I am getting asked a lot of questions about the beta, and since MOP is coming out soon, I thought I would help clear some stuff up about what we know.

Pet battles are easy, fun, and totally worth the short quest chain it takes to unlock all the abilities that you will need! The beta has totally taken over my wow time, much to my raid team's annoyance. (What? Like you never forgot to gem/reforge??)

Tamable pets level by zone, this means that the higher leveled zones are going to have higher leveled wild pets, making this a viable side event to go along with leveling! But this also means the low level zones are going to be packed with people who are also starting out. (I used the beta to figure out where to go and what to do come launch! The first few days were craaaazy!)

Finally, sticking with only one pet and focusing on only it to 25 is a bad idea. You may want to pick a favorite of each type (Arcane, Beast, Critter, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Humanoid, Mechanical, Undead, Water) to be covered for any occasion. Yes folks that's 10 types! But totally worth it to be prepaired for all eventualities.

Well that's all I have time for! Now back to the beta!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#45 Tiny Sporebat

How to get the tiny sporebat pet in World of Warcraft, and how rep grinds can be easy!

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets now because the battles are coming soon!

A burning crusade pet that I have a soft spot for is the tiny spore bat. You can get this guy for 30 glowcaps from Mycah the Sporeggar Quartermaster located

in Zangermarsh. You know what that means? yup, it's a rep grind!


I know I know, but hey, rep grinds are something to do right? Now the Spoeggar faction is actually quite easy to grind up. You do the quests given by the Sporeggar people in their home, which is conveniently named after them. Then I just ran the Underbog, soloing it and picking all the sanguine hibiscus that I could find, and turning stacks of five in at a time until I got exalted. There are other quests and such, but I really found this to be the easiest and most enjoyable way.

A fun bonus of running the Underbog? You gain rep via mob and boss kills with the Cenarion Expedition. Now these guys don't have a pet, but they do have a pretty nifty mount! You know, if you like that sort of thing!

Also, you might have heard me mention glowcaps? Well the Sporeggar don't take normal money, instead you have to gather glowing mushrooms from all over Zangermarsh to use as their currency. It's just a shame that you can't really grind the rep that easily!

Friday, July 6, 2012

RIFT #02 Spot

How to get Spot, an average looking kitty with such an amazing artifact lead in!

Alludra the Telarian mage here, and if you haven't been paying attention I like pets!
anyway if you see me in game then you will know that running around collecting shinies is one of my dear passions, and since it gets you pets, I see no reason to stop!

One of the cutest pets I have seeing in a while is spot! An adorable white cat with gray spots. You get this pet by completing the artifact set Rorf collection; awesome reward
No, I didn't make that up.

The items that make up this set are well worth looking up! I don't want to spoil it for you guys, because the tooltips are half the fun, but they had me laughing for a while! These awesome items seem to be mostly found in the Drought lands, a level 36-44 zone, so get back there if you passed it!

Now to actually try this fishing wait, SHINY!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#44 Phoenix Hatchling

How to get your own Phoenix hatching, aka the original fire bird!

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets without all the work.

One pet I have been hearing a lot about lately is the Phoenix hatchling. It seems everyone wants this little guy lately, and I know just where to get him!

You have to go all the way to the Isle of Quel'Danas and get to the end of the 5 man instance Magisters' Terrace (MGT). He only drops off the last boss, Kael'thas Sunstrider, the man who proves that tempest keep and apparent death is merely a setback!

The great thing about the phoenix hatchling is that it drops in both normal and heroic modes, so you don't have to be content with one run a day! It actually has a fairly decent drop rate too! So it shouldn't take all that long to farm him up. According to wow head, there's actually little difference in the drop rates between the two modes.

Finally some good news!

This instance is also pretty easily solo able, you can avoid most of the trash taking on only the bosses and the mobs that you feel are necessary. Even as a mage I find it pretty easy to waltz right on through, but then, I'm not exactly known for my survival instincts!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doghouse Systems Contest Entry

A while back Doghouse systems held a contest, this was my entry.

Yeah, I know! But it beats missing a show because of Nerdtacular!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

#43 Nether Ray Fry

How to win friends in the Shi'tari sky guard and influence them to give you pets! ...Okay it still costs gold

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets before they become armed!

Gather your pitchforks and leave the torches at home, this week we are going farming.

One pet I just adored back in the day, was the nether ray fry!

This cute little guy is obtained by hitting Exalted with the Sha'tairi Sky Guard. Yeah that's right, exalted. No messing around with these folks! It's all or nothing!

SO how do you hit exalted? Well head on over to the Shatterath Flight master, there should be a 'recruiter' over there that opens up this zone. I basically headed over to Skettis and started farming, doing dailies and quests. Luckily a lot of them are repeatable and it's fairly easy to just farm it up if you are committed to it.

There's another Skygaurd outpost over in blade's edge mountains, and more rep to hbe had in Ogri'la if you want to break up the monotony of repeating the same quests over and over. I know at one point I about ran over there, but that was pre guild bonuses. WowWiki has a great guide available about the rep grind.

At the end, you still have to fork over 32 gold to Grella back in Terokkar (thanks to your new faction discount!) and you have a cute baby Nether Ray to fly behind you. When he's not barely hovering above the ground.

there are also some mounts available too, but let's face it...I'm in it for the pets.

Monday, June 4, 2012

#42 Captured Firefly

How to capture yourself a firefly in Zangermarsh, what 0.1% means for you, and are radioactive bugs less scary by type?

Alludra the mage here helping you build your army before mobilization.

Zangermarsh! It's actually one of my favorite zones! I hope you like it too because this week we are hunting for the captured firefly. He's a 0.1% drop rate from the bogflare needlers so get your waders, you are going to be here for a while. What's 0.1% mean? Well it means that the drop rate for this guy is actually one in one thousand.

Yeah. Blizzard it seems really loves that number.

Funny thing about this guy, he's actually more of a glowing wasp then he is a firefly. Either way you kind of have a radioactive bug following you around. At least he's not a radioactive mosquito?

This guy is actually bind on use so you can find him in your auction house. Just don't expect to find him for a cheap price. With all the down time currently in game you can use your time before raid to farm him up. Ya know, to add to your collection! Or sell. I'm not gonna judge!

Contact me at and follow me on twitter @alludra_aie

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SWTOR #03 Czerka Crazy Eye

Alludra the inquisitor wonders what the heck is up with this crazy pet! He's like big brother, only...small...

Alludra the Sith inquisitor here helping you gather pets from around the galaxy.

On the Empire side? Wondering around Hoth? Well if you have a social standing of seven then be on the lookout for vendor Grady! for the mere low low price of 25 thousand credits he will sell you the Czerka crazy eye! Yeah that's with a 'C'... This floating orb is always watching, waiting...for who honestly knows what! probably your forgetting that it's name does in fact starts with a 'C'.

Now, to find out, who actually has a social rating of 7! Probably the same guy who spells it this way.

Monday, May 28, 2012

#41 Mojo

How to get your own Mojo, no not that kind, but the cute frog!

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets before they can fight back!

This week we are going to talk mojo!
Mojo the frog, and a forest frog he has a chance to 'drop' from in the Zul'Aman dungeon.

(yeah baby)

Not that Mojo.

Mojo is a cool frog pet that you can get in the Zul'Aman dungeons...

(Have you gone mad?)

Hey! I never said this would be fun or easy! Anyway you go to ZA to get him, but he doesn't exactly drop.

See, what you are after are the amani hex sticks that drop all over the place. Can't get enough of them? Well luckily they aren't soulbound so you can trade them with friends or buy them off the auction house.

After the instance is all said and done, just stick around and use the sticks on the forest frogs found in the swampy areas of the instance. If you get really lucky, Mojo will jump into your pocket once you have decursed him. No looting needed.

This guy is worth the work too! Not only is he a darned cute blue spotted frog, he also reacts quite interestingly to a /kiss command.


Yeah froggy, why don't you just keep that to yourself.

Contact me at and follow me on twitter @alludra_aie

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RIFT #01 Ghost Screechling

Alludra explores Telara bringing you all new pets in a new MMO! This month's pet is the Ghost Screechling!

Monday, May 7, 2012

#38 Children's week

The amazing pets of children's week! Learn how escorting kids around the world has it's own rewards, and no, it's not helping the kids!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

#37 Pengu

Working hard to get another penguin pet not seem worth it? Well this penguin is more then 20% cooler then the competition! How to get your pengu pet and why he's worth the effort!

Friday, April 20, 2012

SWTOR #02 Mini Sand Crawler

Hey Light side crusaders! Here's how to get your own light side exclusive Mini Sand Crawler!

Music by Dan of

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Epic Diapers Guest spot!

Hey guys here's my guest spot from the great switcharoo we did for April! I took over Epic Diapers (while Shix of the same site is the wondrous talent behind pets #34!)

Here it is for your listening pleasure!

The whole fun event can be heard on episode 270 of The Instance!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SWTOR #01 Interrogation Droid

Alludra the Inquisitor hits TOR! How the darkside can lead you to the Interrogation Droid pet! Music by Dan @

Thursday, March 15, 2012