Monday, June 18, 2012

#43 Nether Ray Fry

How to win friends in the Shi'tari sky guard and influence them to give you pets! ...Okay it still costs gold

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets before they become armed!

Gather your pitchforks and leave the torches at home, this week we are going farming.

One pet I just adored back in the day, was the nether ray fry!

This cute little guy is obtained by hitting Exalted with the Sha'tairi Sky Guard. Yeah that's right, exalted. No messing around with these folks! It's all or nothing!

SO how do you hit exalted? Well head on over to the Shatterath Flight master, there should be a 'recruiter' over there that opens up this zone. I basically headed over to Skettis and started farming, doing dailies and quests. Luckily a lot of them are repeatable and it's fairly easy to just farm it up if you are committed to it.

There's another Skygaurd outpost over in blade's edge mountains, and more rep to hbe had in Ogri'la if you want to break up the monotony of repeating the same quests over and over. I know at one point I about ran over there, but that was pre guild bonuses. WowWiki has a great guide available about the rep grind.

At the end, you still have to fork over 32 gold to Grella back in Terokkar (thanks to your new faction discount!) and you have a cute baby Nether Ray to fly behind you. When he's not barely hovering above the ground.

there are also some mounts available too, but let's face it...I'm in it for the pets.

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