Monday, October 29, 2012

#57 Lost of Lorderon

How to battle for your own Lost of Lorderon pet, his tragic story, and how to exploit him for your own gain!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the all the pets!

Yes. All of them.

One o f my favorite new spooky pets is no further out then the doorstep of the Undercity! Folks, I give you, the Lost of Lorderon

That's right the ruins of Lorderon are just full of these little ghosts, the lost souls, victims of Arthas most likely and his scourge invasion who never quite made it to the half life that is the undead existence.

So let's catch them and battle with them!!

These little guys are level 1 so they are perfect for your starter team to take on if you haven't started battling wild pets yet! Or for all you vets out there, they are a great stepping stone to leveling that alternate team up.

Like all wild pets vary in rarity from poor up to rare! So if you keep finding grays just defeat them for xp! There are also no special spawning conditions for these guys either, day or night they are there, haunting the land!

And remember, since they are undead your humanoid pets will be weak against them, while aquatic pets will do them double damage! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

#56 The Terrible Turnip

Did you see that turnip? He looked terrible! How you can farm up a veggie that will bite back!

Alludra the mage here helping you build your army!

Let's go to the farm!

(The farmer in the dell)

No, not the dell! The Valley of the Four Winds! You can get your farm at Half Hill at level 85, which means that it's a great place to park your alts! Why would you do this potentially fatal (okay almost guaranteed) death run? Why for a pet of course!

Since everyone is farming for cooking dailies and such you can sell your crops for a pretty penny on the auction house, but don't think that's the only reason to farm! When you gather your crops you have a chance to loot the ominous seed.


Ooooh spooky! This seed will grow into the Terrible Turnip! This is a rare quality pet right from the get go! He's an elemental pet too, so that means keep him away from critters! They like to nom him up!

The Terrible Turnip in all his vengeful rage
He's actually pretty good for you!

There's no word on the drop chance of the ominous seed yet, so you are pretty much stuck just trying your luck. Hence the army of alts parked at various farms where they can't even get rep yet. And remember the ominous seed may be bind on pickup, but the pet is bind on use!

Hey if at the end of the day I get a pet, then I am pretty happy! Especially with his weakening blow. More pets need that!

Monday, October 8, 2012

#55 Those vendors

How to trick those vendors into giving you the pets that you want, not by their racial bias! 

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the pets to win the battles! This week we will be talking about special pets only available via the pet trainers.

Turns out the guy who trains you up in pet battles has a lot more to teach you besides how to fight! It also turns out he's just a little bit racist. (And we thought vendors were universal!)

You see, they have  special pets for you, but! They give out different pets based upon your character's race! What is with these guys??

Most of these pets are run of the mill pets you would get from any faction city's pet vendor. There are three  that really stand out:

Worgen get the Gilnean Raven
Goblins - Shore crawler
Pandarien - jade crane chick

The rest are the run of the mill cockroaches, owls, moths, dragon hawk hatchlings, cats, snakes, prairie dogs, and Rabbits you can get elsewhere. Just go to the vendor and learn any pets that you aren't full up on with your various characters of different races. And remember, just because he won't sell them to your toon, doesn't' t mean they are restricted account wide!

Nothing like a Pandaren with a Gilnean raven! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

#54 Fishy

It's a new expansion! How to get the new pet Fishy during your leveling up quests in the Jade forest!

Alludra the Mage here to help you build your pet army!

That's right! pet army! As in, they fight now!


If you are on your quest to level 90 there is one guy who makes an early appearance! Fishy!

It's Fishy! In his amazing land walker bubble!

The alliance can get this pet from the quest Let them burn while the horde get it when completing what's in a name name. Both are part of the central quest chain in the jade forest so you have little chance of missing it.

Fishy is, you guessed it! An aquatic type which means flying types have the edge. Who knew! A heron can beat a fish! But you undead better look out!

If you ask me, this unique pet is a great way to start our new expansion adventures.