Monday, October 1, 2012

#54 Fishy

It's a new expansion! How to get the new pet Fishy during your leveling up quests in the Jade forest!

Alludra the Mage here to help you build your pet army!

That's right! pet army! As in, they fight now!


If you are on your quest to level 90 there is one guy who makes an early appearance! Fishy!

It's Fishy! In his amazing land walker bubble!

The alliance can get this pet from the quest Let them burn while the horde get it when completing what's in a name name. Both are part of the central quest chain in the jade forest so you have little chance of missing it.

Fishy is, you guessed it! An aquatic type which means flying types have the edge. Who knew! A heron can beat a fish! But you undead better look out!

If you ask me, this unique pet is a great way to start our new expansion adventures. 

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