Monday, October 29, 2012

#57 Lost of Lorderon

How to battle for your own Lost of Lorderon pet, his tragic story, and how to exploit him for your own gain!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the all the pets!

Yes. All of them.

One o f my favorite new spooky pets is no further out then the doorstep of the Undercity! Folks, I give you, the Lost of Lorderon

That's right the ruins of Lorderon are just full of these little ghosts, the lost souls, victims of Arthas most likely and his scourge invasion who never quite made it to the half life that is the undead existence.

So let's catch them and battle with them!!

These little guys are level 1 so they are perfect for your starter team to take on if you haven't started battling wild pets yet! Or for all you vets out there, they are a great stepping stone to leveling that alternate team up.

Like all wild pets vary in rarity from poor up to rare! So if you keep finding grays just defeat them for xp! There are also no special spawning conditions for these guys either, day or night they are there, haunting the land!

And remember, since they are undead your humanoid pets will be weak against them, while aquatic pets will do them double damage! 

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