Monday, February 25, 2013

#70 Imperial silkworm & Imperial Moth

Tailoring gives life! But not creepy puppet life. That would have been really awesome! Instead we attract bugs. Fun.

Alludra the mage here helping you build your pet army!

Little known fact, I'm a tailor! I make awesome dresses that are lovely and boost my stats who am I kidding? I make them in bulk and DE them!

BUT there is more to being a tailor then simply creating clothes that turn into magic dust! For now we can CREATE LIFE!!

Or more like attract life to our creations! What! It totally makes sense! You see Tailors have to pilgrimage to the silken fields in the valley of the four winds once a day to create imperial silk. (Yeah! A cool down! Can you believe it??) Imperial silk costs 8 bolts of wind wool cloth to make so make sure you keep all your cloth drops!

Now you'd think you just get your cloth at that point and go on your marry way, finding new ways to DE your clothes for enchanting dirt, but that's not the case here! You actually get a silkworm cocoon when you make the cloth! Inside this we have a chance to find the Imperial silkworm or the imperial moth pets! These guys are uncommon or green quality, so to get these guys competitive you are going to need a critter battle-stone for your silkworm and a flying battle-stone for your moth. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

#69 Arcane Eye and Restless shadeling

Deadwind pass used to be famous for only one thing, and that's all anyone cared about! Then came the pets!! 

Alludra the mage here, doing the work hunting down the pets so you don't have to!

Deadwind pass is a zone whose big claim to fame is that Karazan is located there. Oh sure there are some ogres and a few buzzards I think, but really? It's all about Kara.

Or at least it WAS, until the pets came.

Deadwind pass is home to two unique pets in the wow-a-verse. The first is the Arcane Eye. This guy is everywhere watching....the Ogres I guess. Or perhaps keeping a silent count for how often you run for the huntsman's mount! This magic pet spawns on a relatively short timer and can be found all over the area above ground by Kara.

By contrast the Restless Shadeling can only be found in the early mornings (think midnight and afterwards!) Underground in the nearby cellars of what used to be a bustling community of alive people, these shadelings appear to drive collectors crazy as cross realm zones can be unpredictable with their time zones. The time zones can change throughout the day so be careful

Monday, February 11, 2013

#68 Flayer Youngling

Flayer Younglings are OP! Or are they? We take a look and tell you how to get one of these little huminoids!

Alludra the Mage here helping you find the pets, catch the pets and keep the pets for fun and profit!
Let's go on a humanoid hunt! Specifically let's hunt down a Flayer Youngling!

I've been hearing a lot about these guys lately, and it's true they have some great moves, but they are not the power houses that everyone is making them out to be. So sorry guys, the quest for that illusive pet is still going.

You can find these guys on the border of Terrokkar and Hellfire Peninsula right on the border at the top of the bordering mountains in the areas covered by thorns. You are going to need flight for this guys. heck, I didn't even know this area existed!

These guys have a level range 17-19, so plan your trip accordingly! These guys also are not a continuous spawn, meaning that you may make the trip out there for nothing. The nearby mobs are level 70-72 so look out! I didn't even know the Outlands went that high!

And if you missed these guys during your first sweep of the Outlands, don't worry, they were just recently added in 5.1.