Monday, February 25, 2013

#70 Imperial silkworm & Imperial Moth

Tailoring gives life! But not creepy puppet life. That would have been really awesome! Instead we attract bugs. Fun.

Alludra the mage here helping you build your pet army!

Little known fact, I'm a tailor! I make awesome dresses that are lovely and boost my stats who am I kidding? I make them in bulk and DE them!

BUT there is more to being a tailor then simply creating clothes that turn into magic dust! For now we can CREATE LIFE!!

Or more like attract life to our creations! What! It totally makes sense! You see Tailors have to pilgrimage to the silken fields in the valley of the four winds once a day to create imperial silk. (Yeah! A cool down! Can you believe it??) Imperial silk costs 8 bolts of wind wool cloth to make so make sure you keep all your cloth drops!

Now you'd think you just get your cloth at that point and go on your marry way, finding new ways to DE your clothes for enchanting dirt, but that's not the case here! You actually get a silkworm cocoon when you make the cloth! Inside this we have a chance to find the Imperial silkworm or the imperial moth pets! These guys are uncommon or green quality, so to get these guys competitive you are going to need a critter battle-stone for your silkworm and a flying battle-stone for your moth. 

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