Monday, September 24, 2012

#53 Ancona Chicken

How to get the Ancona Chicken! You only have to be a bit rude about it and take down a crazy mage! As featured on Realm Maintenance!

Alludra the mage here, helping you grab some last minute pets during this the LAST WEEK of expansion waiting.

SO we are still avoiding archeology because you know, ugh. But there are more quick pets to grab quickly and easily! And what's better then hitting up a vendor??

If you have a gold why not head on over to thousand needles? Plucky Johnson will be happy to sell you an Ancona chicken! Just head to the southern part of the old mirage raceway, kill the mad mage and buy from plucky!

You only have to be slightly rude to the poor guy, who begs and pleads for your help by quickly changing the subject to pets! And hey, she should totally open with that one next time!
Remember guys, somehow Chickens are flying types which means you don't want to use him against arcane types.

Which is really hilarious considering the situation. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

#52 Questing pets

This week we discuss pets that you can pick up during questing in old world or with a little work!

Alludra the Mage here helping you beat the pre-expansion doldrums.

Honestly, now is a good time to get those pets that you may have missed out on. Those archaeology pets? well they have been waiting a thousand years, they can wait a bit longer!

Fishing at the Darkmoon fair? Awww, that just ended.

I think the answer to our problem might be questing. The Burning Stepps has a great Tiny Flamefly pet that's available only after you pretty much beat the zone. On the Alliance side you are looking for the quest SEVEN! YUP! On the Horde side the quest is called Not Fireflies, Flameflies. Both are unlockable at some point during the quest chain and are tons of fun.

You can also farm up Mr. Grubbs over in the Eastern Plaguelands. Remember that requires Fiona's lucky charm so you have to do a few quests in and then farm up mobs.

And don't forget all the fun that you can have over in the Argent Tournament.

So if pets are really your goal before the pet battles come out you have tons of stuff to do! Stuff you may have been putting off.

Remember, you could be doing archeology.....yaaaaay....

Monday, September 10, 2012

#51 Darkmoon rabbit

The darkmoon rabbit is here! Find out how to get your own cute little bunny, at the cost of 39 of your closest friends!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#50 Pet battle confusion (And now, for something completely different!)

Alludra wanted to help you find a pet this week but couldn't! Too many questions about the new pet battle system! Luckily she tells you where your pets are and how to get them all on your account in the bit of time she has left!

Thanks to Acuzod, Alachaas, and Thraxxis for interrupting!