Monday, August 19, 2013

#84 Ghaz'Rhooki

Ghaz'rhooki is back! We don't know where he was hiding all these years but Vol'jin seems to have found him! 

Alludra the Mage here, helping you battle your way through Azeroth!

One of the coolest pets out there right now is Ghaz'rooki! He's currently available in the battlefield Barrens for the price of one Radical Mojo! How do you get one of these bad boys? Well you do the weekly quest (Battlefield: Barrens for both factions) collecting 150 of each resource! No small feat considering we are talking stone, oil, meat and lumber.

**Please note, the vendor that sells this guy is located just outside Razor Hill at (49, 40) in the Barrens. The same vendor is used for the Alliance and the Horde! That's right, tyrant disposal knows no faction lines!**

But in 5.4 this is all going to change! Ghaz'rooki is going to become a zone wide drop, meaning that he's going to become even harder to farm in the future.

So why work so hard? Ghaz'Rooki is an aquatic pet with beast and aquatic moves. Kind of unusual but defiantly worth a look. Did I mention he's a three headed hydra? Oh yeah! Totally awesome!