Friday, November 9, 2012

#59 Snowy Owl

There's a rare owl that only comes out in the winter! How to find this pet before the season is over!

Alludra the mage here, helping you scout for your pet battle team!

Today's pet is the Snowy Owl. This pet has been bugged since the MOP launch! But now it's finally been hotfixed in!

Snowy owl in winterspring. Yes, that's my arm!

This level 17 pet can only be found in Winterspring, as mentioned during the winter, so that means you have six months to go catch one. Why rush? Well so far in my travels around Winterspring, I have only noticed five or so active at a time, and while they don't have any special spawning conditions these guys don't exactly respawn quickly, that means finding a rare quality pet is going to be time consuming, heck! I couldn't even find an uncommon!

I mostly find these guys at the foot of mountains, and so far I haven't found any more information then that about them. Turns out they are so rare, a lot of sites still haven't found their favorite spawn points yet! Remember, at level 17 you aren't going to have an easy time as they have two friends join them in every fight, but with six months of spawn times, I am pretty sure you have the time to get a team up to snuff.

Since he's a member of the family, your beast types might have a hard time with him, while your magic types may hit too hard for capture. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

#58 Order of the cloud serpent

Grinding rep to get pets?? That's sooo last expansion! But the order of the cloud serpent respects the old ways...kinda.

Alludra the mage here telling you where to find the pets!
cuz there are tons of them!

One thing that has been made abundantly clear to me is that rep grinding for pets is soooo last expansion.

So...why didn't anyone let the order of the cloud serpent know?

The order of the cloud serpent is located in the jade forest arboretum. When you hit level 90 they will allow you to do dailies and train up a baby dragon hatchling. This...isn't fun. But at the end when you hit exalted they will also allow you to catch some of the dragon hatchlings flying around the area, they come in red, green, and blue just like your mount options!

Yeah that's right. You get to work your butt off so that you can then work to find the rare dragon hatchlings in the area.

Gee. Thanks.

The jade and the golden wild hatchlings have identical movesets while the Crimson one has healing abilities and scorched earth

And remember guys, these dragons start out at a whopping level 24 so don't go charging in without the appropriate team!