Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SWTOR #03 Czerka Crazy Eye

Alludra the inquisitor wonders what the heck is up with this crazy pet! He's like big brother, only...small...

Alludra the Sith inquisitor here helping you gather pets from around the galaxy.

On the Empire side? Wondering around Hoth? Well if you have a social standing of seven then be on the lookout for vendor Grady! for the mere low low price of 25 thousand credits he will sell you the Czerka crazy eye! Yeah that's with a 'C'... This floating orb is always watching, waiting...for who honestly knows what! probably your forgetting that it's name does in fact starts with a 'C'.

Now, to find out, who actually has a social rating of 7! Probably the same guy who spells it this way.

Monday, May 28, 2012

#41 Mojo

How to get your own Mojo, no not that kind, but the cute frog!

Alludra the mage here, helping you get the pets before they can fight back!

This week we are going to talk mojo!
Mojo the frog, and a forest frog he has a chance to 'drop' from in the Zul'Aman dungeon.

(yeah baby)

Not that Mojo.

Mojo is a cool frog pet that you can get in the Zul'Aman dungeons...

(Have you gone mad?)

Hey! I never said this would be fun or easy! Anyway you go to ZA to get him, but he doesn't exactly drop.

See, what you are after are the amani hex sticks that drop all over the place. Can't get enough of them? Well luckily they aren't soulbound so you can trade them with friends or buy them off the auction house.

After the instance is all said and done, just stick around and use the sticks on the forest frogs found in the swampy areas of the instance. If you get really lucky, Mojo will jump into your pocket once you have decursed him. No looting needed.

This guy is worth the work too! Not only is he a darned cute blue spotted frog, he also reacts quite interestingly to a /kiss command.


Yeah froggy, why don't you just keep that to yourself.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RIFT #01 Ghost Screechling

Alludra explores Telara bringing you all new pets in a new MMO! This month's pet is the Ghost Screechling!

Monday, May 7, 2012

#38 Children's week

The amazing pets of children's week! Learn how escorting kids around the world has it's own rewards, and no, it's not helping the kids!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

#37 Pengu

Working hard to get another penguin pet not seem worth it? Well this penguin is more then 20% cooler then the competition! How to get your pengu pet and why he's worth the effort!