Monday, January 28, 2013

#67 Fluxfire feline & Irradiated Cockroach

Alludra explains how to find that Fluxfire Feline, and while you are there you might as well grab an Irridiated Roach too...gnomes...

Alludra the Mage here helping you catch the pets you need to win the battles.

I am just crazy for wild mechanical pets! The idea that a group of renegade robots broke free to live in the wild along with their animal kin makes me smile, and of course want to run out and grab all of them that I can find. The Fluxfire Feline is no exception to this crazy rule.

Found in the peaks of Dun Morogh, or more accurately hopefully found in those peaks. I found tons of them underground in the area of the gnomish starting zone. Don't be discouraged if you can't find them there though, they are also found in the gnomish buildings all over the zone.

Also while you are there give a look out for the Irradiated Roach. This little bugger can also be difficult to find, which is odd for a radioactive cockroach. :/

Since these pets are found near the starting zones they are level 1. So get your turnip out or a comparable level pet before catching them.

Because those level 25's can one shot them way too easily! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

#66 Naxxramas

Part 4 of raiding with leashes takes us to the dread citadel Naxxramas to free the pets inside! Not only did this place up and ditch the old world, but you also need a flying mount to get in!

Alludra the Mage here collecting pets and taking names.

Part 4 of Raiding with Leashes takes us to the floating citadel of Naxxramas. The pets here are tucked away deep inside of their respective wings. How deep? Well 2/3 of them are at the end.


I found this place to be laughably easy if you are level capped and bring a friend above level 85. Some of those bosses can still have a little bite.

So who are we looking for? Well head on over to the plague quarter. There you will have to kill all the big mean nasties to get to Loatheb. There you have a chance to get the Fungal Abomination.

Up next is the arachnid wing, and yup! We are heading to the end. Maexxna the spider queen has the Giant Bone Spider pet in her clutches!

Finally let's head on over to the construct quarter. Don't worry we don't have to get to the end of this place, just to the second boss Gluth who somewhat reluctantly dropped the Stitched Pup.

And that's it! All three of these pets are undead and totally awesome looking. Once you get them and the other raid pets you should be awarded your very own Mr. Bigglesworth, an undead kitty!

Monday, January 14, 2013

#65 AQ 40

Part 3 of 4 of raiding with leashes takes us to AQ 40! What pets will we find, can we solo a level 60 40-man raid? Why are the twin emperors so darned difficult?

Alludra the Mage here, helping you out in your epic quest to build the ultimate pet army!
Part 3 of four in our quest for raiding with leashes has us going back to the raids to get the next three pets we need!

AQ 40! Man I wish I had memories of this place in it's prime. Sadly I wasn't even high enough level to help with the opening event of the place. But that's not going to stop me from diving pretty deep to get the pets found here!

The first pet of AQ 40 is the mini mindslayer and drops off the first boss in the place the Prophet Skeram, talk about convenient right? Well don't get used to it. This guy is still a cake walk and if you solo him you don't have to worry about that mind control mechanic! Talk about easy!

The Viscidus Globule drops off of Viscidus, a boss that has until 5.1 been impossible to solo because of his mechanics. The trick here is to use frost abilities to freeze him quickly. Mages and DK's can have it pretty easy, but hunters, priests, and just about anyone else with frost abilities can get this guy down quick! The biggest hassle to him nowadays is the amount of raid between you and him!

Anubisath Idol, a humanoid pet drops off Vek'lor of the twin emperors fame. This is the one fight I had no idea how to solo, so, I didn't! I dragged a friend or two along for the ride. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying I didn't want to try!

And that's it. The whole raid takes less time than ever now, and if you run it with a friend like I did, you can have tons of fun  getting the pets and the mounts that can't be used elsewhere.

heh, mounts...

Monday, January 7, 2013

#64 Harpy Youngling

In an exploration type mood, Alludra leaves the raids behind (for the moment!) and ventures forth to capture a new pet!

Believe it or not, this is a boy! (I don't get it either!)

Alludra the Mage here helping you find the pets that might not want to be found!

Let's get out of the raids for a while and out in the world!

This week's pet is the Harpy Youngling! These are found in the northern barrens in the north eastern part of the map over at the Dry Hills area. Trust me it's safe, Barrens chat isn't what it used to be.

These are humanoid pets, yay! and do not have any special spawning conditions, meaning if you don't see any in the area, just wait a bit. They are also pretty low level, around 3-4 making them a great target for newer players trying to round out their type collections or to add more verity to an existing roster.

For added fun this pet has a lot of flying type abilities so look out for them too at higher levels.

I wonder if there's a such thing as a critter with dragon type abilities?