Monday, January 7, 2013

#64 Harpy Youngling

In an exploration type mood, Alludra leaves the raids behind (for the moment!) and ventures forth to capture a new pet!

Believe it or not, this is a boy! (I don't get it either!)

Alludra the Mage here helping you find the pets that might not want to be found!

Let's get out of the raids for a while and out in the world!

This week's pet is the Harpy Youngling! These are found in the northern barrens in the north eastern part of the map over at the Dry Hills area. Trust me it's safe, Barrens chat isn't what it used to be.

These are humanoid pets, yay! and do not have any special spawning conditions, meaning if you don't see any in the area, just wait a bit. They are also pretty low level, around 3-4 making them a great target for newer players trying to round out their type collections or to add more verity to an existing roster.

For added fun this pet has a lot of flying type abilities so look out for them too at higher levels.

I wonder if there's a such thing as a critter with dragon type abilities?

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