Monday, September 24, 2012

#53 Ancona Chicken

How to get the Ancona Chicken! You only have to be a bit rude about it and take down a crazy mage! As featured on Realm Maintenance!

Alludra the mage here, helping you grab some last minute pets during this the LAST WEEK of expansion waiting.

SO we are still avoiding archeology because you know, ugh. But there are more quick pets to grab quickly and easily! And what's better then hitting up a vendor??

If you have a gold why not head on over to thousand needles? Plucky Johnson will be happy to sell you an Ancona chicken! Just head to the southern part of the old mirage raceway, kill the mad mage and buy from plucky!

You only have to be slightly rude to the poor guy, who begs and pleads for your help by quickly changing the subject to pets! And hey, she should totally open with that one next time!
Remember guys, somehow Chickens are flying types which means you don't want to use him against arcane types.

Which is really hilarious considering the situation. 

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