Monday, March 11, 2013

#71 Isle of Giants

We explore the pets of 5.2 in the Isle of Giants! A place not only full of tiny pets, but also is oddly to scale.

They all got in the way!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you get the pets now that the world is growing larger.

And speaking of larger, now in  5.2 we have an Isle of Giants! This is pretty...actually I feel like we are all to scale, what's up with that? But it's still pretty cool in an Isle of Quel'Danas meets Tol Barad sort of way. Either way, there's pets here and we can't be avoiding that!

While you are out doing...dailies, keep a look out for Zandari Dinomancers! These guys are...well they are mobs found not everywhere but they have a chance of dropping new pets when you defeat them!

What pets? Well how about the Zandalari Anklerender the Zandalri Toenibbler the Zandalari Keebiter and the Zandalari Footslasher. Yes! all these pets! Wow! And if you think that's impressive just think: I mispronounced them all on Battle Pets!

Seriously though these cute little dino beasts are all totally adorable and different colors, for outfit coordination I imagine!

So head on out there and start your own dino collection! They are so cute who could pass them up? 

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