Thursday, March 15, 2012

#31 The Kirin Tor Familiar

Mages like books?? Who knew! They also have a terrible sense of humor hiding a pet in them!


  1. okay, here's something that a group of us did on Vek'nilash (US) that helped get this achievement IMMENSELY...
    I created a chat channel called "bookclub" and spammed it around for a while, giving people instructions on how to join it. Then, if anyone saw a book spawn, it was posted in that chat channel (which can be seen wherever you are, not just in Dalaran, but only by your own faction).

    If you don't know how to create a channel, one person simply has to type " /join bookclub " in order to create it, and it will be around forever.

    SO.... get all your toons to join the channel, and then set the appropriate character's hearth to Dalaran, and just keep watching the channel for news.

    Speaking of news... I was watching a Curse interview with a Blizz employee, and they divulged something during their press week that was right up your alley... ready??


    Saves a little bit of farming time, right? =)

    anyway, thats all the time I have. Hope this helps! Keep up the great work, I enjoy them immensely!

    1. Thanks for the tip!

      This was a really popular way to get the pets when there were more people in Dalaran. The place is now a ghost town, but rest assured, I have a friend who recently got one of these beauties. Though he didn't get the outside help like you are describing he was able to confirm the changes I outlined in the segment. :D

      I am also in the beta. There has been some debate about weather or not this pet will be part of those that will be shared across all toons because he's the reward for an achievement. Don't worry guys, the moment I find out who can battle, who can't battle and who gets shared, I will be sure to let you know!