Monday, July 30, 2012

#46 Pets in the Beta

Alludra discusses pets in the Mysts of Pandaria beta and has a quick rundown of the battle system.

Alludra the mage here, crazy pet lady of World of Warcraft!

I am getting asked a lot of questions about the beta, and since MOP is coming out soon, I thought I would help clear some stuff up about what we know.

Pet battles are easy, fun, and totally worth the short quest chain it takes to unlock all the abilities that you will need! The beta has totally taken over my wow time, much to my raid team's annoyance. (What? Like you never forgot to gem/reforge??)

Tamable pets level by zone, this means that the higher leveled zones are going to have higher leveled wild pets, making this a viable side event to go along with leveling! But this also means the low level zones are going to be packed with people who are also starting out. (I used the beta to figure out where to go and what to do come launch! The first few days were craaaazy!)

Finally, sticking with only one pet and focusing on only it to 25 is a bad idea. You may want to pick a favorite of each type (Arcane, Beast, Critter, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Humanoid, Mechanical, Undead, Water) to be covered for any occasion. Yes folks that's 10 types! But totally worth it to be prepaired for all eventualities.

Well that's all I have time for! Now back to the beta!

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