Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#49 Dealer Rashaad

This week we take a look at a semi rare pet collector who has the corner on the mana wyrmling market!

Alludra the mage here grabbing the pets while the grabbing is good.

Okay let's round out our burning crusaide experience with a nice long trip out to the storm spire out in Neatherstorm. Why? Because there's a great dealer out there who is a one stop pet shop!

Dealer Rashaad who is located just to the right of the inn sells 8 different pets! That's right, 8 pets! And while he's a bit out of the way, that's nothing compared to how far you would have to travel to get these pets individually.

He's got the blue dragonhawk hatchling, the brown rabbit crate, the mana wyrmling, the red moth egg, cockroach, crimson snake, Siamese cat carrier and the parrot cage. Why buy from this ethereal? Well your consortium rep matters with him! And these semi-but not quite rare pets can become even cheaper, and if you plan on reselling them, every copper counts! And as the goblins say,

(Time is money friend)

Do the ethereals have a similar saying?

The only exception to this rule is the Mana wyrmling, at 40g with no rep he's got the market cornered! It is by far the most expensive pet you will purchase from a vendor.

So anyway you look at it, you are heading out to the stormspire.

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