Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#48 Dragonhawk Hatchlings

The various dragonhawk hatchlings and how to get them!

Alludra the mage here, helping you build your army!

Blood elves, the pretty race of the horde have more to offer then their looks. When they joined the ranks of the horde, they also brought dragonhawk hatchlings!

Dragonhawks are available outside Silvermoon city, over in Fairbreeze village and are sold by Jilanne for the low low price of 50 silver you can find her in a house to the left of the inn. She sells three colors, Red, Golden and blue! Like all 'racial pets' rep counts! You can get a faction discount by being exalted with Silvermoon bringing the costs of these pets down to 40 silver.

I know I know, but every copper counts right?

A lot of people think the mana wyrm is the bloodelf pet, but that's the power of consortium propaganda! Remember, they make 40g a pop for each Mana Wyrm sold (ya know, unless you have rep with them! but that's a whole different segment!)

Back to the dragon hawk hatchlings, these are a horde only pet so this time the alliance is goign to have to make the trek to the neutral auction houses! Fair is fair after all.

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