Monday, December 10, 2012

#61 Molten Core

Pets are in raids now! But don't worry! You can totally solo Molten Core!!

Alludra the Mage here, helping you build your ultimate pet battle team!

So we can get pets in the wild, we can buy pets, and win them as prizes but now pets are found as boss drops! More specifically, raid boss drops!

Don't worry guys, these aren't exactly bleeding edge raids, in fact I'm talking about Molten Core.
There are three pets in the molten core, and sadly they aren't a guaranteed drop! So you might have to pull out those alts, luckily, the place is easily solo able on a level 85.

So who are you looking for? Well you want to start with Magmadar who drops the Corefire Imp, a humanoid pet!

Next I like to drop in on Golemagg the Incinerator, who has the elemental Ashstone Core.

Finally it's over to the Harbinger of Flame who drops another humanoid, Salfurion Harbinger!
   (Edit: I seem to have gotten these two reversed, the Sulfirion Harbringer drops the Harbringer of    
    flame! Totally my mistake, make fun of me at will!) 

If you are worried about mechanics of these fights, Blizzard assures us they have done what they can to make these raids more soloable, and by taking the 'be in a raid' requirement off these guys and letting you skip a fair amount of trash, I'm finding molten core a fun easy jaunt that takes under 30 minutes.

Unless I get lost. ...I tend to get lost a lot...

Unfortunately you still need to get attuned to the raid, so have fun running that last BRD.

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