Monday, April 15, 2013

#75 Spawn of G'nathus

Alludra hunts down the spawn of G'nathus, a pretty easy fight with a guaranteed reward! 

Alludra the Mage here helping you find the pets!

Because there are too many to track nowadays!

One of the newer pets out and on the prowl is The Spawn ofG'nathus. This guy drops from G'nathus, a completely soloable elete if you like kiting, found over on the isle of Shan'ze Dao in Towne Long Steppes. You k now, that island where we did all those crazy shadow pan dalies? Yeah! There!

Me and a bunch of guildies spent a completely enjoyable evening taking this guy down to get the pet, which seems to have a 100% drop rate! If you are crazy enough to try and kite this guy, remember he falls for all sorts of traps and snares, being a big eel and all, and he also can hit for about 70k every 5-10 seconds and has the health of a big elete eel.

So, yeah bring some friends! His spawn time isn't that long and heck, good times had by all! 

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