Monday, April 8, 2013

#74 Throne of Thunder (Updated!)

The pets of the Throne of Thunder raid, where they are and how to get them! 

New happy updated version!!

Alludra the Mage here catching the pets to beat you in duels!

I've had a really great run in pvp battles, can ya tell?

It's a good thing too because blizzard did something terrible  Guys, they put pets in progression raiding. Don't believe me, well let's head on over to, the Throne of Thunder

The Living Sandling is the first pet in the zone you...might come across. This little guy is a raid wide drop, which means he can drop off trash or bosses alike. While this is great, I want you to think back at how often raid zone drops have dropped for you in the past. And now think of a pet with that chance.  I thought he was a raid wide drop but it turns out he dropps from the council of elders. (I should know better then to do research while sick...) Wowhead is currently reporting a 4% drop rate, so....yay... 

The next pet is the Son of Animus who drops from none other than the Dark Animus. He's a cool looking mechanical pet that seems to have a crazy low drop rate.

Finally there is the Ji-Kun Hatchling dropping from Ji-Kun and proving that no raid boss should participate in take your child to work day. this flying pet has a reported  1% drop rate so keep those feathers crossed.

Don't worry though all these guys also drop in LFR, but that also means you have to run with the people you find in an LFR. 

I suggest saving your Mogu Runes of Fate for Ji-Kun and the Dark Animus for a second chance at those pets. I didn't already want a raid team...


  1. AMR threw me this way...I'll have to say, you are SUPER excited about pets. =)

    Will have to pass some others this way as well.



    p.s. I think you mean 'duels' and not 'duals' in your first line. ;)

    1. Ahh thanks for spotting that! I wasn't feeling my best when I posted this to the site and must have taken the first suggestion.

      Spell check is out to get me *angry fist shaking*

      Glad you like the episode, I'm pretty wild about pets, you are right! But I am most excited about helping others!