Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#94 Molten Corgi and Hatespark the tiny

We are back! After one year down, Alludra tells you how to get Hatespark the Tiny and the Molten corgi!

Blame it on the timeless isle, I thought I was taking a weekend there, turns out it was sooo much longer!

Alludra, the molten Corgi and Aquaseltzer the water elemental fail yet again to get a hatespark. 

Download link

Alludra the Mage here helping you find all the pets to build your army!

I'm back and feeling good! We should have a party! And speaking of,

It's blizzard's birthday and they are celebrating in the best way they know how! Giving us pets!
Just logging in from now until January 6th will get you a molten corgi! The cutest puppy ever! But that's not enough. Blizzard has also put atespark the tiny in molten core.

as a possible drop. As in not guaranteed.

wait what?

To make this 'better' blizzard has said that molten core is only supposed to be run once! yeah, because a non guaranteed pet drop is the best way to say, please only run the content once.

Hatespark the tiny is also on his way out on January 6th so, get those runs in while you can.

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