Monday, October 21, 2013

#89 Jademist Dancer

Fight with the RNG and get your own Jademist Dancer! 

He has a shocking lack of 'da moves'

Alludra the mage here helping you get all the pets!

Well me first!

Since we are doubles still on the timeless isle, let's talk about the jademist dancer!

This guy is soooo annoying! See he only drops from the jademist dancers found next to the ghost ship summoning location. These guys are kind of easy to take on, but the competition can be fierce! One other fellow farmer can have the place cleared out in no time, and two? Forget about it! The best thing to do is try and group up with the competition, but sometimes people are...less than friendly.

Anyway, it's worth battling the RNG for this guy! Why? Well this elemental is a mini version of the mobs you have been slaughtering this whole time! Totally cute! He's also got a great mix of water, magic, and elemental abilities, making him pretty useful!

. . .just...don't ask me how long it took to kill one for myself! Not as long as the barridan fox kit, but still more than I ever want to admit to.

Stupid RNG. 

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