Monday, September 23, 2013

#87 Ruby Droplet

How to get the amazingly adorable ruby droplet pet!!

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Alludra the Mage here helping you find the pets that you want for your army

We are on the timeless isle what are we doing? Something about gear upgrades, I hear, but you know what really matters? The pets!

The pet I wanted most from this patch is the Ruby Droplet, who drops off Garnia, the mob of the way out of the way spot! She spawns on the ruby falls and most players get there by catching the seagull express.

Because that's an awesome way to spend five minutes!

But if you have more timeless coins then you know what to do with, my suggestion is buying a stack of gliders for 1000 of them, then swimming out to the timeless ocean getting on a flying mount and flying way waaay up toward the ceiling! Yes, this means you will have a fatigued bar, but before you run out of time dismount and equip that glider! You will easily and much more quickly get to the ruby falls where Garnia spawns. wait

and wait...

and then wait some more! She spawns anywhere from 30 min to an hour after killed

and be careful! If you die, you are going to have to get up the mountain again, because there's no way to reach your body! 

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