Sunday, June 2, 2013

#80 Karazhan

The new raiding with leashes achievement is out! Find out what pets await you in that fantastic raid of Karazhan! 

Alludra the Mage here helping you find all the pets

One of the big events in 5.3 is the all new raiding with leashes achievement, this one is attunement style which has a lot to do with burning crusade attunements.

This first segment about the all new raiding with leashes takes us to Karazhan.

Karazhan has 4 pets in it! Yay!

The big bad wolf Opera Event has a chance to drop the Lil Bad Wolf pet. Please note, this means that you actually have to get the big bad wolf event for you to get a chance! Fun right??

Terestian Illhoof, the guy behind that hidden door in the library room with the imps can drop the Fiendish Imp.

And finally Prince Malchezaar can drop the Netherspace Abyssal. To unlock him though you not only have to get through the fiendish Chess Event, but also kill Attuman the Huntsman and Moroes.

And guys, chess is as fiendish as ever! Big thanks to The Jaded Hunter for an excellent strategy that has me one-shotting this guy each and every time, regardless of faction.

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