Monday, May 6, 2013

#77 Carp Brothers

Alludra discusses where to get the rest of the tiny carp, and their differences.

Alludra the Mage here

When we last left our intrepid host she was talking about tiny carp and how to get them. Will she leave us hanging? How do you get these fish? Why does only this segment have an announcer?

Well I was just about to get to that! Jeez!

The Tiny Red Carp can be caught in the spinefish schools and in the fish of the day pools in binan village coast.

Tiny Green Carp can be caught in emperor salmon, jade lungfish and krasarang paddlefish schools. And on fish of the day pools in the enchanted woods of the lost, krasari falls, and stormstout brewery.

Tiny White Carp can be fished up in giant mantis shrimp, reef octopus, and tiger gourami regular pools as well as the fish of the day pools in gokk'lok shallows, master snowdirf's pagota, and shri-La village.

All if this is of course not mentioning the open waters that they can be caught in. But don't risk it, the numbers are in, and it turns out that you have the best chance of catching them in the pools!

So I bet you are wondering why catch all three? Well, each carp actually knows different attacks from his brothers, making them entirely unique!

All the information was found at El's anglin, the best Warcraft fishing site out there! Check the site for more in depth look at the pool locations and where to find the fish! 

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